A Note From China

What an incredible time in Hong Kong!

A special thanks to all my training partners there: Sifu Ray Li (The Bamboo Man), Sifu Jon Lau (The Gentle Killer), Sifu Jung Soo (The Korean Wonder), Sifu Nicholas Anderson (The Prince), and the explosive Sifu Angus Liu. Also, many, many thanks to my idol Sifu Leung Kwokwan for the hard core training, and to Sifu Tony Yeung for the awesome tips.

A heartfelt thanks to my roommate and new brother Jesko from Germany. And of course, to Nathalie and Guillaume for welcoming me into their home.

And to my dear Sifu Mike Adams, that believed in me and took me as his student. Thank you Sifu. The trip would not have been possible without  you and Sifu Robin Tsang, (the Good Man.)

And of course, happy birthday Great Grand Master! An honor to be part of your legacy. May God keep blessing your soul for many, many years.

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